8/27 – Are you a BULLY?

BULLYING has become a huge issue these days.... No one likes a bully! Remember back in grade school, there was always at least one bully and everyone knew them by name. In most cases that bully’s reputation carried on through junior high and man … [Read more]


#supercircuitsaturday workout Decided to mix it up today a bit for those of you who might not have kettlebells.... 1. Circuit:     5 pull ups, 10 pushups, 10 squats x 4 rounds You can use tool of choice for your squats (BW, Kettlebell, Dum … [Read more]

8/22: Pistol/Row circuit

Workout Strength Circuit: Today's video will show you a beginner progression and the more advanced version. Erin is demoing a beginner box progression for the pistol. During this progression she will sit on the box relaxed, then tense and s … [Read more]

8/19 – Training Session

Today's Training Main focus of this current program is to increase the strength in the Military Press. WARM UP Set 12kg x 5 R/L http://youtu.be/7iOqL_lg7kA MP LADDER #1 16kg x 28 (breakdown per video) rest as needed between each … [Read more]

8/18 – KB Circuit

Workout http://youtu.be/LelXqdxsp9k Circuit: KB snatch x 5 r/l Goblet Squat x 5 2 hand Swing x 10 rest and repeat x 5-10 ** special guest today is my sweet Kenzie, she wanted to train with mom today ;) ** IF YOU TRAIN IN FRONT OF … [Read more]

8/13 – KB/BW circuit

Workout http://youtu.be/-mXabCYKzv4 45 work/15 rest KB swing and high knee circuit: 20 seconds swings 25 seconds high knee taps 15 second rest then repeat on the min X 15-30 min   ** SUBSCRIBE to my COACHING CORNER for full … [Read more]