10/13: Updates

UPDATES: 1. Today's WOD and STEP 2 of the Pull up Series are loaded in the Coaching Corner. 2. Resilience article will launch later this week. 3. Stay tune for the link to an article about my daughter written by Jen Sinkler for Women's H … [Read more]

10/9: What about that Snatch?

Have you wanted to learn how to SNATCH a kettlebell? Or Maybe you have already tried teaching yourself and have nice bruised wrist to show for it!  My friends/colleagues at Queen City Kettlebell in Cincinnati asked me to write a guest post for … [Read more]

10/6: Workout of the Day

Just a Quick WOD for today 1. TGU 2 R/L x 3 2. Military Press / Squat ladder   - 1 MP R/L, 1 Heavy Squat - 2 MP R/L, 2 Heavy Squat - 3 MP R/L, 3 Heavy Squats rest and repeat x 3 3. Finisher Swing x :30,  Rest :30 Swing x :3 … [Read more]

10/3: Update

Hello - Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!   October Updates Blog Subscribers: 1. This weekend I will be working on a few new articles for you and also will be posting some more Guest articles soon also. 2. … [Read more]

9/25: MEAL PREP…Why?

Hope you guys are having a great week. Mine has been a bit crazy and travel is about to pick up again starting this weekend. So I wanted to give you guys a tip on how I stay on track with my food during those busy times in life. As a single mom who … [Read more]