12/16: Week of Workouts

CHRISTMAS is just round the corner, have you begun thinking about your 2015 NEW YEARS RESOLUTION or GOALS? If you have specific training goals, let me help you by programing for you. I will opening up a few spots for distance coaching beginning in … [Read more]

Happy Holiday

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope that you are all enjoying the final weeks of 2014 and are not too stressed with last minute shopping. While we all want to do our best with workouts and nutrition over the holiday, it can be an added stress. So remember … [Read more]

12/9: Week of Workouts

 Tuesday: 1. Kickstand DL x 8 r/l, Floor press x 5 r/l - rest and repeat x 3 2. 1/2 knee press x 5 r, woodchop x 10 r - repeat on L - rest and repeat x 3 3. Thruster x 10 r, squat hold :30 sec, thruster x 10 l, squat hold :30 sec - rest and repeat … [Read more]

11/21: Training Session

Yesterday's Workout with my friend BETSY COLLIE, Sr. SFG Betsy came to visit me in Dallas to work on a joint project. While here we had to take a break away from our computers and get in a training sessions. http://youtu.be/TxR8mQnkbDk Circuit … [Read more]

11/11: Update

1. Week of workouts posted in Coaching Corner  2. GGS windmill article in the works... Keep an eye out 3. This weekend will be the San Diego STRONGFIRST bodyweight course... Open to all levels and there are still two days to register...DON'T … [Read more]

10/28: Updates

Happy Tuesday.... Hope you are all doing FABULOUS! I just arrived back to Dallas yesterday after teaching the STRONGFIRST SFG level II Kettlebell Certification in Philly this past weekend. We had an incredible group of Instructors, Assistants and … [Read more]

10/13: Updates

UPDATES: 1. Today's WOD and STEP 2 of the Pull up Series are loaded in the Coaching Corner. 2. Resilience article will launch later this week. 3. Stay tune for the link to an article about my daughter written by Jen Sinkler for Women's H … [Read more]