8/3 – Updates

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and some family time. I also hope that you are working towards or reaching your GOALS. I am here to help if you need my assistance.  Last week I posted a 10 day Heavy Swing Challenge. If you missed it, it is … [Read more]


New Updates... First, I want to say THANK YOU for your loyalty and support. I  have finally taken the time to set up two of my social media outlets. 1) Since Facebook sets a limit to the number of friends on our list on Personal pages, I … [Read more]


  Do you feel you work hard to build a high level of strength only to lose it?  Do you feel you have a hard time maintaining your strength? What about while you travel, do you continue training? Do you feel your schedule takes a toll on your … [Read more]


In today’s world cattiness and competition are running ramped. It seems so much more prevalent between women.  Take a second, close your eyes and picture a room filled with 50 women. What does that feel like to you? Do you feel anxiety building from … [Read more]

4/2: Kettlebell Circuit

Just a quick Kettlebell Circuit for you guys if you are short on time. Medium size bell - Right side: Snatch, Rev. Lunge, Pull down, Press and stand - repeat x 3-5 x Transfer Left side: Snatch, Rev. Lunge, Pull down, Press and stand - … [Read more]

2/25: Update

Checking in from Cape Town, South Africa..... South Africa is incredibly beautiful and the weather here is amazing. I am sitting out on the desk of my colleagues home where it is warm with a very nice breeze. Finally, have a few moments of down … [Read more]


HAPPY MONDAY! Just returned from the cold of New York where I was instructing a STRONGFIRST SFB Bodyweight Certification. It was a really great time with a great group of students. While I had a great two days in NYC, it was so nice to come home … [Read more]


Hope you are all doing great! There are times in our lives when we feel overwhelmed! We wish there were more hours in our day to get more done. Our piles seem to get higher and our to do list get longer. We may even feel like we can't see the … [Read more]