9/25: MEAL PREP…Why?

Hope you guys are having a great week. Mine has been a bit crazy and travel is about to pick up again starting this weekend. So I wanted to give you guys a tip on how I stay on track with my food during those busy times in life. As a single mom who … [Read more]

9/23: Check these out…..

Today I am sending you guys some updates to check out. The articles are from some of my colleagues, and no need for me to re-invent the wheel when I have so many friends who also put out great content. I have also listed the upcoming events and w … [Read more]

9/19: Tip of the Day

Today I wanted to give you a few tips as we finish out this week..... 1. Enjoy your weekend and think about moderation in all areas of your nutrition. You should not always feel as if you are in a cycle of … [Read more]

8/27 – Are you a BULLY?

BULLYING has become a huge issue these days.... No one likes a bully! Remember back in grade school, there was always at least one bully and everyone knew them by name. In most cases that bully’s reputation carried on through junior high and man … [Read more]


#supercircuitsaturday workout Decided to mix it up today a bit for those of you who might not have kettlebells.... 1. Circuit:     5 pull ups, 10 pushups, 10 squats x 4 rounds You can use tool of choice for your squats (BW, Kettlebell, Dum … [Read more]