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Are you Interested in learning or refining your kettlebell and bodyweight skills?

Do you want to gain strength while you refine your movements?

24+ weeks of programming at your fingertips

Program offers 3 level options:
1: Beginners interested in learning or improving
2: Intermediate interested in improving or advancing
3: Advanced interested in refining or prepping to re-certify


  • 50 + page manual
  • 20 + video library
  • private FB community (Coach Karen’s REFiNE program group)
  • 3 levels of programming
  • 6 months of training at your finger tips
  • access to me for:
    coaching – assessment – Q &A
    (Total Value = $2,200)

SPECIAL – Early Bird Price Starts  BLACK FRIDAY

A one on one program design and distance coaching with me cost $300 per month. My goal for this program is to help more people reach their true strength potential by designing a program with multiple level option at an extremely affordable price of $127.00.

Special runs Black Friday through Cyber Monday

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What others had to say:

“What I appreciate the most about Karen’s programming is its simplicity and accessibility to all skill levels. She doesn’t rely on circus variations that offer a lot of flash but very little return on investment. Her REFiNE program follows a simple and fundamental approach to strength that is both easy to follow and highly effective.” -SH

“I needed to re-certify both my Strongfirst Level II and Bodyweight Instructor Certifications within a three-week window.  Karen’s programming and coaching is so effective, I was able to comfortably pass the skills and strength tests without worry or stress.” -AL

“I contacted Karen about programming after I decided to attempt the Iron Maiden Challenge, a strict tactical pull-up, press and pistol with a 24kg bell.  I was just beginning to train for the challenge again after suffering a disc expulsion at L1. Karen was careful to listen to my concerns about my previous injury, and she also took into account my age (over 40). She worked to make sure the volume and exercise selections were helping me improve and get stronger. I was able to not only complete the Iron Maiden Challenge successfully, but I also had PRs in all my lifts after the challenge, and lost no training time with any injury. Karen’s approach is to teach you as you work the program. I learned firsthand about waving the load, and she talked me through how to adjust volume and density. These lessons have helped me as a coach with my students, and it also helped me feel I had more ownership in my training. I was learning as I was going through my programming. She also taught me how to approach training with a more holistic approach, specifically using visualization and rest to achieve my goal. Last, but certainly not least, the programs are FUN. I love looking back at my training logs and seeing the improvements I make by following her simple, straightforward programming.” -DH

“Thanks! I’ve made more gains from your programs than anything else I have ever tried! And I think my husband is starting to worry that I may be stronger than him”   -LB


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